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National Honor Roll program , helpling students with academic excellence
The National Honor Roll program was developed to give outstanding high school and middle school students the recognition they deserve.

We at National Honor Roll believe that positive reinforcement inspires good students to strive even harder and attain even more.

Student awards for accomplishements!
The names and achievements of all National Honor Roll inductees are published in the  semi-annual National
Honor Roll Commemorative Edition
.  There is no
charge for inclusion in the National Honor Roll Commemorative Edition.

Once accepted, National Honor Roll members are
entitled to customized services that help them as they apply for a college or technical school. Members may
apply for a National Honor Roll Scholarship - the National Honor Roll Award For Academic Achievement, and take advantage of National Honor Roll’s College Admissions Notification Service.

The National Honor Roll recognized academic success!
Encouraging and assisting students who become members of National Honor Roll benefits students and their families.  With the rising costs of higher education, parents appreciate the national and local recognition gained from having their child’s accomplishments listed in National Honor Roll and the possibility of defraying college tuition if their child receives a National Honor Roll Scholarship.

National recognition for excellence
National Honor Roll believes that a well - educated
society is a strong society. 
To this end, we support
many diverse organizations and youth groups whose missions are to promote excellence in education. 

National Honor Roll applauds the efforts of its
members and maintains that the positive impact these
future leaders have on society will benefit everyone.


If you are not already acquainted with the National Honor Roll program, we invite you to review this website.  Or you can call us at (516)872-3979.

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